Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Update - long time no blogging

Wow I haven't blogged for this long in NEVER!
I'm therefore going to take this opportunity to let you know what's going on in my crazy big head.
So I've been busy lately, trying to get up and running,, launching a website etc. It's taking longer than expected, as usual with me. So for now I'm sure you're all aware I'm preview selling some items on the facebook store in the meantime.. via a 'shop' tab which has proved to be quite difficult to use unfortunately!

But it will have to do for now lol,

When I finally do get the website going, this blog will be automatically linked (fingers crossed) as well as a new tumblr page and various other juicy things for you to look at when your supposed to be doing other things in your life! lol

So anyway, I've also been busy 'inventing' a new hijab idea, which is also taking a while to finalise so keep an eye out for that.  I have also, of course been working on ideas for my next collection! Which inshallah will be viewed for the first time in Amreeeeka! Not sure which city first exactly though! And if that plan fails, then I guess you'll all just view it online at the same time.. LOL..

Here are some interesting graffiti pictures I've been taking on board for inspiration these past couple weeks.. 
Just a sneaky clue for you.. my next collection will be heavily influenced by Garaffiti.. but in a different way!

A good different way I hope. Well at least that's the plan.. stan!

Til next time ladies..

Keep It Covered



  1. If you come anywhere from Washington D.C. to New York, you better tell me! I will drive to come see you ^.^ Unless you really don't want to haha

    P.S. This is saluff from youtube

  2. Salam Sister. I adore your style!!! Love your blog and watch you on YouTube all the time!! If you get a chance check out my blog :) keep up the good work!!

  3. WOW thts quite a colection you have there, beautiful, its just off the hook

  4. Ooooo i can't wait for this =) hope it all goes well for you x

  5. Love how you always make your headers oversized ;) !!

    Hope it turns out to be great, inshaAllah !!

    xx -shay

    Called Ambreen Called Ambreen