Saturday, 3 December 2011

Vintage Mohair

The other day I tweeted a hash tag #todayimwearing of this outfit, which is a smart, could hardly say daring. Pretty boring, safe, easy outfit , but I was comfortable in it, plus I was in a rush! Just in case you do like it though, here's the down low on where all the gear is from.
Blazer : Topshop
Black and white aztec top : H&M
Jeans : Topshop
Boots : T-redz

So today's story goes a little like this. 
I was in Topshop prior to the below picture and was looking through the vintage section with my sister, when we came across a lovely purple mohair jumper costing around £40. My sister was in love with it and was almost sold until I suggested we take a look at the vintage stores first.  After much persuasion (mainly begging) She finally agreed to walk all the way to the other side of town and we trudged along in the rain, had a good rumble through the rails and thankfully found an almost identical jumper!
Any way the point of this little post is to show you guys what I later changed into that day.
The vintage mohair jumper purchased from a Cardiff vintage store 'HoBos' in the arcades in town. I was in love with it and had to wear it straight away, plus it was too fat to fit into a bag! At Only £25,
A washed out purple Mohair over sized Jumper! 

Okay I realise the picture wasn't taken in the best of places but hey what can I do? lol.
I have also noticed that I resemble the big purple monster from monsters inc. Just though I'd get that out before some of you, no doubt would have soo kindly pointed it out, lol.
Besides that, It was stupidly warm and I was kept cosy and confident the whole day!

The moral of today's story is, go check out the vintage lot before you hit the high street because you're most likely to find what you want and better for half the price, double the quality and authenticity!

Keep It Covered! 



  1. That is so pretty! I like how it has bell sleeves. And in a pretty purple too! If only i can wear that in Singapore. I'd get weird stares. Hehe.

    Check out my blog Dina!

  2. i want ittt... love oversized knits... awesomee and super comfyy

  3. Vintage > High street any day!

  4. I like the colour, well, I really like it at all, so cute!

  5. Love the outfit! The coat is so fun!! <3 x