Thursday, 26 January 2012

Every one loves a bit o' louis .

 My favourite piece from the ss12 ready to wear Louis V collection.
Yes I know this blog has been neglected, but this I felt like sharing.

Plus I've joined Tumblr, it's bare but won't be for too long.. please join :)

After I've finally got the website up and running, you will see a lot of new things happening.
Well that's the plan so bear with me. 

Anyway back to Louis..
Louis Vuitton SS12 ready to wear

Get the look for less.. 
at Top shop.. and yes you may be thinking..'but Dina this is sooo not hijabi' but dude use your initiative, pair it with pastel skinnys and crop top/a leather jacket/a shirt.. the list goes on.. either that or just wear it to your next womens only event!

£48 Topshop. You either need to be hella tanned or hella pale to wear this.. I reckon any way!

Till next time ..

Keep it covered!


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  1. cant wait to see your new site!