Saturday, 3 September 2011


Recently I came back from Hurghada in Egypt and my goodness it was boiling over there!
I found wearing my usual two layers of clothes (under top and then main top) was waaay to hot to do so I decided to just wear scarves draped over me (asian inspired) to cover the necessary parts of my upper body lol.
Here are some pics to show you what I mean and hopefully give you some ideas too! There are many ways you can tie a scarf around you and make it look like you've got a nice flowy top on! All it takes is about five minutes experimenting in front of a mirror! All you Indians/Pakistanis/Bengalis and any one else who wears sarees or salwar Kameez as a traditional outfit should all be natural experts in this! lol.
So this is a scarf I have which is kind of annoying to wear on the head, so I draped it over my shoulders and let it hang over my tummy. Underneath I'm just wearing one of those black under tops. Result I was not over heated!
Also my yellow chinos are from primark! Or better known as 'Primani'.
So here all I've done is draped one side over my shoulder and the other side has been tucked into my harem pants!
Kind of remind myself off alladin here haha
You've already seen this pic on my fan page.. so it's just draped around my neck and shoulders  and I've made sure to keep my main scarf hanging out so I don't look like I'm trying to stay warm!

I hope this little post has given you guys inspiration of some sort! If you like, you can post your pics of how your wear neck/body scarfs on my fan page to share with every one!

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Til next time..

Keep It Covered



  1. Dina I love this!! Love what you have done with the second scarf you have draped <3

  2. Burgandy + Mustard = LOVE! :) xxx

  3. I love it ... absolutely awesome :D

  4. awesome!!!

  5. You always look good mashallah!

  6. LOVE your harem pants. It's so hard to find a decent pair where I live at the moment. At first glance I thought you were wearing a jumpsuit kind of thing. But you look so wonderful, as always, mashallah.

  7. I love this post. I used to rely on little black cardigan sweaters to bring my outfits up to code. Then I went to my family reunion and nearly passed out sick from the heat, more embarrassing b/c I am the only Muslim woman in my family and I didn't want to make us look like silly twits. I ended up wearing a very airy silk scarf over my shoulders, arms, chest, etc. It is tie-dyed and looked kind of like butterfly wings in the wind. With all the scarves I have laying around it blew my mind that I'd never thought of using them for coverage before. Of course now I do that even when I'm not on vacation. You look fabulous, Mashallah!

  8. I really like the mustard pants! But they would make my legs look so fat hahaha :D