Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hijabie Swim Wear / Beach!

As you're all aware, I'm in Egypt at the mo. To celebrate Eid, the family went to stay for a weekend in Soma Bay, Hurghada. It was amaaazing and of course, seeing the beautiful sea I couldn't resist but to jump in and join in the sea fun with my younger bros and fam!

But, before jumping in.. I went to my hotel room and changed into a make shift hijabie friendly/practical swimming outfit! (mayo shara3y as they would say in arabic.. or maybe just here in Egypt, I'm not sure lol.)

Here are a couple piccies to help you with ideas! There are ones you can purchase from various online retailers. Or stores here in Egypt and I'm sure stores in other Muslim countries too. The reason I don't purchase them is because I'd just rather wear what I put together, or purchase a diving suit!

Starting off I'm wearing an old hijab in a turban style.. my dads tee shirt.. a long sleeved tight top underneath that's also long and covers my behind.. a cotton jersey fabric that fits tightly.. and then just a pair of full length leggings! 
Ignore my paw print on my face!

Enjoying the sun on my face! lol and showing you guys the hijab style! surprisingly it stays on and is quite secure if you tie it tightly and pin it!

Here's a pic and link to the speedo hijab friendly swimsuit !

I hope this post has helped some of you inshallah!

Til next time
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  1. I recently bought a swimsuit from, cost only £20 and its great for swimming. Would def recommend.

  2. I bought mine from, it was quite expensive (£100 total with taxes and shipping, etc) but very worth it, since im not comfortable wearing anything skin tight like leggings. The swim suits are fashionable and just 101% pure awesome lol

  3. Love the outfit and hijab! Can you explain how you wrapped it please? :)

  4. Thaaaanks for this! Was in Egypt not too long ago and I was contemplating on what I'd wear when I went to the beach in Alexandria.

  5. oh wow i never knew they actually made!

  6. I need me one of these!

  7. We're coming up to summer here in Aus and we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so I desperately need to get one!

  8. Assalamu alaikum w w
    do visit my blog sis, i am diving and still share wif wetsuite and ninja (hood)


  9. share--> i mean shar'i sorry :)

  10. thnx dina i needed this info going to dubai on holiday!