Thursday, 25 August 2011

Competition Time!

Ok I've noticed I always start my  posts with 'ok', so I'm going to carry on lol.

Basically I'm holding a style competition and would really love it for you guys to take part.
You may have seen the you tube video explaining the rules etc.. but it might be confusing for some of you as I had a pair of kids in the background making a whole load of noise!
So I'm going to briefly explain the details here!

what you need to do :

1. Hunt for some one one in desperate need of a style make over, this could be anyone from your mama to cousin to your aunty, a friend or even your own daughter or grandmama!.

2. Make sure they're ok with you taking before and after snaps of them to share on my page judging by me to be done lol!

3. Re-style them according to what you think will compliment their body/personality best!

4. Be creative, cut up an old pair of curtains if you need to!

5. Don't be too silly, we don't  want the outfit to be more on the 'lady ga ga' side of things!

6. Post a picture collage of your before and after pic (you can create a collage on and post it on my fan page's wall, explaining in the caption what's inspired you and what you've done and why etc, also include your name, age and where you're from!

7. You have from today until the 1st Oct 2011 to submit your work!

8. The prize will be one of my design with possible goodies sent out to you in your size!

Please enter and make sure to share the competition ladies for great fun and a chance to win something really hot to wear for the 'BIG EID' lool ...

Keep it Covered x


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  2. Kool I'm going get my 8yr old involved this will inspire her I.a :)

  3. omg.. its awesome!!!
    grab anyone next to u, cut some curtains then
    put some this and tht and..
    boo hooo!!!

    dina toki-o design will comin,, yayy!!!
    mmm.. *thinkinghardwhatshudido*

  4. This sounds goooooood! (: xo