Thursday, 18 August 2011

What to wear to best suit your figure!

Ok a lot of you have been asking me for ideas for what to wear to suit your figures etc..
soo here's me trying my best to help all of you with all kinds of figures out there!

I'll start with me.. I think I have what you call a :
rectangle body shape :/
 LOL.. My shoulers belly and hips all seem to be very similar in width, so I tend to choose clothes that pinch in at the waist and flair out to give the illusion that I have some sort of waist at least.. If not that then I'll try and stick to tops/dresses that are the same shape as my body.. so a rectangle dress that has no fit will usually look really good on me lol.

Here's an image I found on google that can hopefully help you to figure out your shape..

If you have the pear shape..(big hips/bottom/thighs and small waits/shoulders).. If I were you I'd love it and majorly show it off lol..
But I know nobody's happy with their own shapes so, to try and disguise your big hips you should try wearing tops/blazers etc which broaden your shoulders to even out your shape. Trying something with a clinched in waist as well as broad shoulders will give the illusion that you have an hour glass figure.

Wearing heels will automatically slim any one down and if you have short legs then try wearing a nude shade heel to lengthenn your leg.

Also if you are really short and want to look taller, wearing heels with long skirts/palazzos that skim the ground as you walk will give a lot of length. Please avoid wearing palazzos/skirts if they only reach around your ankle area because you will look short and ridiclous! lol..

If your one of those people with a big top and skinny legs then you should try again wearing flaired trousers to even your shape.. and avoid tight tops. You need to find something that skims over your belly and doesn't stick so you also look at ease. Look for tops with loose sleeves but tighten at the wrist to help slim your arms out too.

I don't have time to write about all the other shapes because I could go on foerever, but hopefully this has kind of helped you guys and the picture should help you decide your shape.

Once you've decided your shape you can google what to wear for your shape and there's a lot of help online.
I know it can be hard to find the clothes I'm describing to you but hopefully my fanpage pictures can give you ideas.. and inshallah once my line is launched my designs will cater for everyone ..

til next time

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  1. thx dina..those help me alot.. so far, i have my lower bigger than my top.. im glad enuff i posted this
    im one of ur followers n ur luvly bideo subscriber on ur youtube channel..
    ur chubby bunny challenge make me cannot stop laughing.. u guys really really mmm, stupid cow!!! bwahahaha.. i luv ur silly face with those marsmallow full in mouth..crazy!!!

    check my blog n follow if u dont mind..

  2. If you have the pear shape..(big hips/bottom/thighs and small waits/shoulders).. If I were you I'd love it and majorly show it off lol..

    No please dont show it off if you wear hijab but please do the opposite.

  3. Dina this was really helpful! I am a triangle shape :) .. Love your blog & love you <3