Friday, 5 August 2011

Numerous Outfit of the days!

Ok I have nothing to blog about, so I've lamely just picked a couple of outfits I've worn over the last couple of weeks and posted pics of them in the hope they may benefit any of you :/ LOL.

Outfit numero uno :

Here we have a hijabie trying to eat a twix whilst posing.. She's wearing a green hijab from a street stall in birmingham, along with a leopard print top from topshop.. a sleeveless black open shirt from h&m over the top (which had seleeves btw but were ripped off purposely) ..
Along the bottom we then have a pair of 'boyfriend jeans, again from topshop.. a pauls boutique bag from (let's hope you can figure out where), a pair of flip flops from non other than PRIMANI.. Enjoy !

Outfit number two :
Here we have a complete an utter LAZY DOLL jamming out in a pair of mens but womens jeans from republic, the same flip flops as  before.. her fathers rugby sweater and a real trampy looking hijab..
This look is advised for the 'can't be bothered and no one here knows me anyway' look, and was worn whilst on short vacation in bude.. p.s. the skin colour is what happens to some one when they sit in the sun for a little too long :)

Outfit Number Three: 

Here we have something a little more colourful, however most of it has been seen by you guys previously in other posts/videos.. So to start we have that wonderful floral hijab from river island.. alongside yes that same leopard print top.. A pair of dungarees worn over the top, bought for just a tenner from, please feel free to go out and make the same purchase :)

Outfit number Four :

Last but most certainly not least ladies, we have the final outfit of the day.. and for some odd reason this particular picture has decided to lay on its side? No ideas why but let's just go with it, hey.

On the head is the same hijab as seen in outfit number two.. then follows an oversized cardigan purchased from new look recently and bought in a size 18 just to get the really oversized look if you all know what I mean. To finish off with, we have a pair of skinny jeans (HARAAAAM) from PRIMANI, and directly beneath them we have a pair of very old gladiator sandals from Dune.. stolen from this particular Hijabies sister a very long time ago! Please be warned ..
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (stealing from your sister that is).

Anyway that just about sums it up.. Til next time..

Keep it Covered baby x


  1. Wow those dungarees are so chic! I looked on boohoo but they haven't got them anymore *sob* I love your sense of style and you probably get that loads but honestly your an inspiration to us hijabis! <3


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  3. All outfits are amazing! they're so cute :) I like most the third!


  4. First off, i love your haraam skinnies look the BEST! It's actually the oversized top that I'm loving most!
    And I love outfit number two for keeping it real.

  5. dina.. i want more idea look with skirt pls, or hareem wud be fine ^^