Monday, 1 August 2011

Vintage Head Hijabs !

Ladies recently I posted a video review for vintage head! If any of you missed it then you can check it out with the link below.. and I've also posted it as as post below, lol! 

So to start off, 'the cloud number rose'. My absolute favourite of the four! I think this will appeal to most of ya'll too! so Flowy and snowy looking, it falls around the face beautifully and provides natural volume without the hassle of pinning and clipping! 

Dolled up Zebra started as my FAV until I tried the Cloud Number Rose hijab on! I'd deffo recommend this hijab if you're  a quirky funky kinda style..
Here's me in the 'gold links' hijab... perfect for a night out with your fellow hijabistas!!
Here's the first hijab I tried.. A silky feel to it with a number of patterns muddled into one print.. I LOVE .. not to mention the little gems encrusted into the corners of the hijab. I fail to remember the name of this one.. MY BAD..  You can find it on or check out the face book fan page..
Anyway I'm pleased to say the wrapping beat any wrapping for any reviews I've ever done before! You may think the wrapping is pointless but personally I think it's one of the most important things, you know first impressions and what not.
So here's the packaging snaps, as you can see very impressive and I'm loving the flyers included with some pointers to add your pics to their facebook fan page!

Don't forget to check them out!

Til next time...

Keep it Covered.. & Ramadan Kareem !



  1. I loveeee that last one! Do you know if they ship internationally?

  2. i love the first one =) x

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  4. I love the white hijab and the way you wrapped it, because I am confused like how it would look like with a white hijab, and I don't want to be dressed like I am getting married or something :D hahaa
    however it looks fabulous on you ;)

  5. I lovee all of yourr designs your fashion sense everyfin i loveeeuuuuu soo muchh u r soo amazin i look uhp 2 uu as a role model :) .....I cuud realli usee suuumm more style ideas and ur dah one! ;) much lurve and support
    Peace ouht xx ;)