Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Helloo guys! Ok I'm just quickly going to explain what new look style the nation is!
Basically, its a competition to win an amazing styling job for new look in london. Fashionistas from 5 cities around the UK compete every week to get through to the final!

This Sat 11th June on T4 at 11.20 am is the CARDIFF round.. so 2 people who made it from the chosen 6 from cardiff will be competing in a LIVE head to head catwalk showdown! Each contestant will be given a different fashion brief to follow !

You guys will deffo see a bit of Dina on the tele as I was one of the 6 chosen from cardiff! However you must watch the show to see which of us made it to the final 2 ! After the live catwalk, viewers at home get to decide who from the 2 make it through by VOTING ONLINE.. So make sure you vote for your favourite!

Here's what I wore to my audition, (second picture down lol) and what you should be seeing clips of on sat inshallah!

Heres me having a quick snap with the poster! lol 

ok so this is me messing around with photo editing but i came to the conclusion that this outfit would look pretty HOT in black n white!

TOODLES, and don't forget to watch! x


  1. good luck, will deffo be watching. and voting for u if u get through insha'allah. p.s wheres the blazer from?

  2. Hope you make the final two!! :)

  3. GREAT GREAT GREAT OUTFIT! Congrats on making it to the second round. inshAllah you'll win! I belieeeeve!

  4. I wish I could watch it, but I'll be rooting for you!! Let us know when it's time to vote online :)

  5. Very sad to see hijab being converted into something islamic. Would have been better to do this with the piece of fabric on your head because hijab is more that just that and you have completely degraded and mocked the hijab by being a part of this. May Allah give us all the right guidance and allow us to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. aameen.

  6. Hey, truemuslim, your post makes no sense.
    I think it's completely stupid that your taking on this kind of high and mighty attitude to someone who's just trying to be the best example of what Islam is. Quit haram-policing! It doesn't say we should ever mock fellow Muslims. You're not the better person by doing this. In fact, you kind of just made a fool of yourself.

    And Dina, I'm so sorry you lost! We thought you were the better stylist. Commiserations! x

  7. 'Very sad to see hijab being converted into something islamic. Would have been better to do this with the piece of fabric on your heaD'??


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  9. Hey dina! I just found your blog after watching 'new look style the nation' and I think the outcome was totally unfair! As a muslim my self I don't wear the hijab, and that's because I know that certain things I then shouldn't do (ie) trying not to draw attention to myself .. However with that said, I think the representation of muslims you wanted to put out there was soo good and the fact that you didnt get picked when by farr your look was better was complete racism/prejudice !

    But it doesnt matter because Allah has his time for everyone... And yours is yet to come

  10. thankyouuuu!!!!!! p.s. i love ur blogg!!!!!x

  11. wow, you are so much gorgeous sis :)
    so inspiring, I like when u're wearing slouchy pants! hehe

    much love,
    ardiatami :)

  12. georgoouuuuus masahalah! im sooo srry u lost : ( u were so much better!!!!!!!!!!