Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lipstick Muslims accessories review!

Yaaay yesterday morning I awoke with a knocking on my door from the post man, and I'm pleased to say my day was brightened when I saw it was my lipstick muslims package! yippeee!
Here's a link to their facebook fan page if you don't already know who they are!
Also make sure you check out their website..

Anyway I won't say much but let the pictures do the talking!
Here's what I got look how cute the packaging is! Totally gets you falling in love with before you've even seen what's inside!
Ok now I'll show you how I've decided to wear them ( yes i had so much fun playing dress up with these beauties! ) x

Ok so first up we have the gorgeous off white netted headband encrusted with pearls and diamantes! So beautiful and really gets your hijab ready for an evening out or occasion.
Ok above we have without a doubt the most fun accessory.. a tuxedo style diamonte encrusted bow! You can wear this on your hijab but I figured that's what everybody would be doing so don't laugh at me but I love it worn how I have! Especially a great idea if you're going fancy dress!
Below I've worn the netting feather/flower headpiece with a 3 different hijabs!
Without a doubt this is the most beautiful accessory (ignore the goofy face I pulled on the last pic) lol it was a must after I'd recorded the VLOG for lipstick muslims :) which you can check out here..

Ok next we have by far my favourite accessory.. the big fat colourful one! lol I am in Love with this one sooo good to lookk at it over and over again haha. This would look really classy on a scarf around your neck too .

Now we have reached the BIG oversized ivory coloured flower clip! I love this one I wasn't too sure at first then i tried it with this hijab style and it gives it a very tropical/boho hijab look. Yummy :)
Here's how I wore the smaller one, really cute just on the side of your favourite side of your head haha x

here I tried it with the same colour hijab for a more subtle look.

 Finally check out Lipstick muslims on theire facebook fanpage and website for more hijab accessories and check out their amazing style too!

I would like to say A BIG THANKYOU to lipstick muslims for keep this customer (me) satisfied! 
Untill next time
Keep it Covered x


  1. simply fabulous!!! Love them all - want them all :DD

  2. pwetty pwetty! love you Dina xxx

  3. I've been in love with this company for sooo long which i had $$ lol
    the stuff you got is gorg! mA

  4. ;) loving the way your rocking them ! xoxo lipstickmuslims

  5. I love how you can rock anything. I love you <33

  6. Post on Dina Toki-O
    MYGA :)

  7. lovely! the net one is amazing ; )
    where did u get that aztec print scarf ur wearing with the white flower?i rlly like it ^-^

  8. Hi there! Love your blog and your tutorials... I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for the green hijab you're wearing (with the net)? I really love that style