Sunday, 5 June 2011

I LOVE HFW Day 7 - Party Hostess!!

Ok so for this i would imagine just going for a meal with the girlies! And in case you haven't gathered I don't really dress up much!! So this skirt is actually a very long maxi dress from mango that I can only wear with heels otherwise I will gather all the rubbish under it lol. I 've worn it with a blazer, heels and cute tee over the top so everyone thinks its a skirt teehee.. and then later on i got really hot and took the blazer off, put sandals on and hitched the dress up so I wouldn't trip! Please excuse the random stool and random coke on the floor haha x

Sadly HFW has come to an end.. it's been pretty cool and cant wait until the next one because I NEED to step up my game!!! hahaha

Keep it covered x


  1. I love the skirst ; it makes a girl look tall, doesn't it ? :)

    very very nice choice of outfit.


  2. looking gorjuz as ever bday girl!


  3. Stuning! I like the "skirt" er... maxi dress :D Beautiful, and I like the way you put your hijab! :D

  4. Dina, I like your style :) followed! visit me back will ya :D :)