Thursday, 28 April 2011

flourescent satchels! YUMMY

My twin told about these flourescent satchels going around all over london now.. I was a little unsure at first but when I googled them.. I LOVE !!!

Imagine one of these babies with a structured blazer of contrasting colour... the thought of them together excites me! HA HA .. I'm getting one A.S.A.P.. inshallah of course lol .. toodles x


  1. omg!! they are absolutely beautiful!!


  2. OH gosh! I think im the only one who doesn't like those things! The only ones I would wear is MAYBE the pink or green but I think you would have to be daring to wear the orange or yellow.

  3. Hey Dina, officially branded my Hijabi muse! In my 13 years of searching for Hijab outfit designs that somewhat expressed me, I am happy to have finally chanced upon your magnificent creations. You are heaven-sent.
    Seeing your pictures make me want to overhaul my wardrobe.
    Today morning, as I was dressing to work, I had you in mind and thought of dressing differently.
    I would humbly say that my fashion sense is not bad but I tend to dress "safe" and fear the mix-match theory. So, I decided to test myself and put my fears aside. I then donned an ensemble I never thought I would have the courage to wear and it actually worked. I felt happy and more confident. For that, I have you to thank.

    Thank you for shifting my perception on outfit matching and removing the cog from my creativity wheel. Thank you for enhancing my fashion flaire. Now dressing up is no more about groaning but a pleasurable experience.

    I beseech you to continue putting your colorful spirit and passion in your designs.

    Peace and respect to you and may Allah yijazeeki kulu khair.

  4. WOW that is the nicest most amazing comment any1 has ever left me!! thankyou!!!! xxxxxx

  5. Hey sweets, is there absolutely no way that I can purchase (online)your designs before you launch your label? The summer seems painfully distant:(