Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hellooo Lazy Dolls! It's been ages hasn't it?
As you all now I'm in cairo at the moment so that's why I've been kinda busy lol!

Anyway the other day I went to my 1st ever Egyptian wedding! woop woop I was so excited and have to say it was incredible mashallah! Like nothing I've ever been to! The bride looked beautiful mashallah and the event was memorable!

As in every egyptian wedding, there's always a 'zaffa' which is basically a group of men dressed in traditional 'galabbiyas; playing the traditional egyptian wedding music.. whilst the bride and groom enter the venue.. with guests following, clapping and cheering behind. Such an amazing way to start off, really sets the party mood!

Here are a few piccies of the day!

zaffa man!

tokio siblings :)

OK SO NOW THIS THING WON'T ALLOW ME TO UPLOAD ANYMORE! SO THIS POST WAS PRETTY POINTLESS.... Ha Ha.. Ok sorry guys u'll have to wait til im back in the uk inshallah for more piccies.. and alsooo some new exciting things up my sleeve for you guys!! x


  1. Ahh. sister I would love to see more pictures! :D

    I love your posts and outfits. :)

  2. I LOVE EGYPT and their series on Egyptian TV, where they often show how they celebrate weddings! Hope u r enjoying ur time over there..


  3. Aww darn you came to cairo and I didnt know who you were yet lol. Oh well lol.