Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My visit to Divine Fashion and Beauty Centre!

We converted this mannequin into a modern modest muslimah!
I want this!!! beautiful!!
Today I went to check out a new clothing store opened in Cardiff recently specifying in mainly a variety of gorgeous, colourful asian clothing for women!
Tbh I've always been a huge fan of asian clothes like the 'patiala shalwar' and traditional 'shalwar kameez's'. They are always full of amazing colours, patterns and beads that make them perfect to wear to special occasions/weddings etc. Not only this, but every single traditional asian outfit I have ever come across has always been modest! We all know what that means.. it's perfect, for hijabies like us!

So, while I was visiting the new store I obviously checked out some of the clothes.. I fell in love with a few outfits and I think I'll be purchasing one to wear next week for a friends wedding inshallah! Of course I'll be sure to post pictures! lol. I also got to dress one of the mannequin displays with some new in store stock of abbayas and beautiful hijabs! Not your average hijabs either.. some hot hijabs with playful accessories intwined with the soft fabrics to give a great modern look to your hijab\!

If you're in cardiff and looking for a fresh variety of asian couture then this is where you need to go! The store has plenty inside for you to rummage through and most certainly leave with what you came looking for! Not to mention the Volumising flower clips now in stock as well as, sleeves, hijab under caps, bonnets and underscarfs! Don't worry If you can't make it to visit, if you want to purchase anything online then just send over an email to with details !

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The inside of the centre! Left side fashion.. right side beauty!

Me and the moody mannequin after I dressed her!



  1. Kool! :)


  2. haha Yes! I love that last photo :)

  3. hahahaha love that pose!!!
    OMG dina! Im so jealous that i dont live in the UK..i want my hands on one of ur designs...=(

  4. Salaam Dina, remember me from your contest?? lol. it's Aishah from The Hijab Diaries. didn't know you had a blog too! :))


  5. You are prettier than the mannequin! haha