Saturday, 2 April 2011

Accessories !

Hallo everyone! I'm just going to do a real quick post as a follow up to my most recent design. The Crazy Palazzo Jumpsuit..
So here's where I got all the bits 'n' bobs to go with the jumpsuit from, because a lot of you are asking on my page, so I'm just going to tell you all once and for all on here, hehe.

p.s. it's really cool to mix patterns right about now haha
It's my bb camera so it's fuzzy ok, I'm sorry! lol
Before you all start shouting at me, this was before I started driving ok the car was STATIONARY haha. anyway the rings from h&m and also you can see how I did my make-up a lot clearer than in the photo-shoot pictures! And let's ignore the bony fingers :)
Not sure if you can see very clearly in the pictures, but I'm wearing a belt around my waist, a tribal tassled one from h&m. Only cost me £3 baby..

The hijab I'm wearing is from river island for £15. It's actually a square shaped one which is so hard to wear nicely, but if it's big enough you can pull it off. I will do a tutorial in the future inshallah!

Also my clutch bag is from river island too. I actually got lucky with it. It was on its lonesome looking all sad and rejected until I came about, haha.  It was £30 on the price tag but when I got to the till.. turned out to be on sale for £7 WooHoo.. BARGAIN. LOL, anyway that's pretty much it.. my accessories are h&m in case you were wondering too..
okay time for sleepies, sweet dreams x


  1. Dina.. you are toooo funnnyyyy!!!! Abs LOVE your posts.. you look totally gorge mA..x

  2. Gorgeous, funny & clever (how did you work out a square scarf!) Ha ha :) mashallah! Look forward to the tutorial :)

  3. You're easily everybody's favourite. You're not only beautiful, talented, classy, elegant and pretty. You are also extremely humble and friendly which is rare to find as so many of these fashionista's can be quite up themselves if you know what i mean! Keep it up lady! don't ever change! Stay real!

  4. I love the mixing of patterns! your makeup looks awesome!!!

  5. hi girls!! omg i should be asleep lol, thaaaanxx veils and roses that was a nice comment made my dad which hasnt even started yet haha! glad u like it ladies!!! mwah xxxx

  6. Dina i think you mean made your day* Rofl.... you had me confused there for a whole minute! :p xxxox