Tuesday, 5 April 2011

left out fashion show snaps & ASOS &FOREVER 21 SPRING BUYS!

Hay ladies!! how you all doing, good I hope! 
I was sorting through some albums on my desktop and came across a few snaps I haven't shared before!
I feel like doing another show, I miss all the chaos after looking at these pics lol. Watch this space for another show in the summer, yes no maybe? 

HELL YEAH baby haha x
Zobia one of the models, Working it!
From some one in the audiences perspective!

Me on stage with some of the models! I always get so shy when I come on at the end haha! oompaloompa alert!

Me rummaging through accessories for the models!

Me with the Smexi's!
Me with 2 gorgeous models :)
My lovely ladies and me on the end there haha!

So I'm off to Egypt for a two week break soon inshallah, and obviously I needed to find myself some comfy  holiday clothes.
Gotta say forever 21 is amazing right now and so is ASOS in their clearance section! I ordered a few things! Those lovely heels are from forever21 and were only £12.50! WOWZAA! LOL anyway there's only one forever21 in the UK as far as I know and it's in birmingham Bullring centre which is forever away from me.. haha forever.. get it ? lol anyway you can order online which is what I did!


You wanna see what's in the packages?
Tough you'l have to wait until I wear em hahah, then I'll post some piccies or do a video outfit of the daaay wahaaay!


  1. you're so pretty and stylish and talented dina! love you! (:

  2. Masha'Allah Loving every bit of it! hehe and cute heel's, although i cant walk in heels :\ heehee..



  3. Just dicovered your Blog
    It's fab!
    Hope you have a nice time in Egypt, Inshallah

    Salaams from the other end of africa

  4. you seemed to have turned the hijab into something beyond recognition. is this some sick joke. if you want to dress like this go ahead but please dont hijabify it and then have the nerve to call it modest. do what you want but leave the hijab alone. with your make up, suggestive poses and then peoples comments on how sexy you are. hijab is meant to cover your beauty not be a means to show it off. if you love to dress up do so in the company of women or at home not in the streets for everyone else. whats the difference with what you wear and anyone everyone does and dont call it modest just because you cover your legs and arms. fetsish clothing covers ones body but its hardly modest.

    and most men find hijab girls more attractive than non hijab girls thanks to people like you. if you cant wear it properly ok but dont encourage others to do this. if im weak with some aspects of islam im hardly going to set up websites and encourage others to do the same. and as regards fashion i had worked for many years in this industry and have family members who work in some of the highest postions in fashion in the world. so im not just anybody with no knowledge writing comments here. i love fashion but please keep it for those whom its intended for not just every guy on the streets.

  5. r u crazy!! all of these outfits are very modest and covered!! and if u know so much about fashion, then u shldve realised these pics were taken at a womens only fashion event.. so get ur facts right before u start accusing!

  6. these may have been at a ladies only event but what about everything else you promote. i dont claim to know everything about fashion now but at one time before i was practsing islam people probably would have said i did. just covering ones body doesnt make something modest and what about tons of make up. why make excuses for something thats clearly wrong. if i do something thats wrong i will say its my weakness my allah make me change. i wont set up websites encouaging everyone else to do so. any way your young im about twice your age. may be you havent studied islam very much and it will come later inshallah. this may have been a ladies only event but were the clothes just for ladies only events or to be worn outside. any way modest means not showing off/humbleness something clearly opposite to what all these hijab fashion sites promote. any non muslim just laughs when we speak of hijab fashion as modest it clearly isnt and your gonna be one of those accountable.

    any way i dont mean to come across as harsh its just that these kind of website really get to me and your the first i have commented on. im sure your a good nice person and anyone who knows me knows that i dont look down on people but do look down on myself. May allah guide me and you and bless us. Im a male by the way i dont know if thats gonna make you 100 more mad at me but i think you should know that.

  7. and what your doing your doing in the name of islam. the hijab is an islamic clothing, but these website are being run by people who lack islamic understanding. thats my problem. if you were doing something else and it wasnt in the name of islam then thats different.

    wa salaam

  8. and i know were not perfect but if you want to take it to another level there is hijab in action not just appearance which includes modesty in behaviour which doesnt included being loud showing off and prancing around in public. and the headscarf is not the hijab in the quran it is reffered to as a khimar not a hijab. the hijab is the whole clothing that you wear not just whats on your head.

  9. Omg Dina has awesome styles and ur just accusing her of something she's not done. Do you even know her if you knowbher properly then u wouldn't accuse her of doing something which she enjoys. Anyway whats the point of hearing what you've got to say when everyone supports what Dina dies there's no room for people like u with such stingy comments on this site. Just to let you know Dina I'm right behind what your doing and support you and I know that in the nearby future you will inshallah be successful for your hardware today and onwards and don't let these sort of people put you down or stolen you from doing what you do.

    1. Sorry aboir mistakes im using my phone it's stupid h8 it :)