Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Do You Heart a lot?

Today I woke up bright and early ready for a shoot for my crazy palazzo jumpsuit I've mentioned, only to find it pouring with rain! Bummer! Oh well I'll leave that for the next sunny day inshallah!

So here's a post on random things I'm 'hearting' at the moment! My friend showed me this website, It's great, completely pointless but nevertheless, stupidly amusing :)
Yes I love my hijab and so should YOU!!
I LOVE DINA TOKI-O FANS! Just a small thank-you for all those supporting!!! x

Hi mama If you're reading this, miss youuuu!!!

Well Hell Yeah You better believe I do! Ha Ha
Lights, Camera, POSE!!!

Right now I'm loving nude nails so much, they just blend in and go great with everything! Sometimes I feel childish wearing really bright coloured nails so the nude colour is really working right now for the spring! I bought this mini set of the four perfect colours to wear this season! H&M £2.99 YEAAAH BBY!

That was my 30 seconds of pointless rambling, until next time.. toodles!


  1. LOL hehe I Love Nude Nail's too well Nailvanish <3 yay! ^__^