Sunday, 20 November 2011


A quick OOTD post, I'm really into oversized fluffy. cosy winter jumpers at the mo, so here's how I'd wear one!

Ok hijab on my head is a very old one from a stall in bham a long time ago. 
Scarf around my neck is one of  my chiffon ones.. the jumper is ZARA,
boyfriend jeans are TOPSHOP and my ankle boots and bag are PRIMARK.
 Accessories include a Michael Kors watch, big fat juicy ring which was a gift, a necklace from Egypt and a nose stud from claires accessories!

Again, please refrain from stealing my pics and til next time..

Keep It Covered



  1. Lovin this casual laid back look! I really want a nice rose gold watch similar to yours, might check out what Michael Kors have! xoxo

  2. love the neck scarf, i wish we had a winter here

  3. asalaamu alaikum, siste3r, nice outfit, but why dont you cover your awrah? You have on a perfect headscarf yet your awrah is not covered? For ones hijab to be valid they need to be in thick, loose, baggy attire which covers the curves, with everything covered to the wrists and feet. The body shape should not be readily visible. Sister, en'sha'Allah read up on what constitutes hijab because its not just a scarf. OK. Its possible to be "trendy" while remaining in proper hijab.

    Fi aman Allah
    Umm Ibrahim

    1. Ya... mashaAllah she has really good style, I like it. But yeah, it should be worn in private, at home, around women only or something, not in public because it's not really "hijab". Anyways Dina if you agree with what is said maybe you can write a disclaimer for the sisters so that they understand that concept. :)