Friday, 14 October 2011


Quick post ladies. Just another ootd, similar to the one down below but hey I'll show you anyway!

The hijab I have on is terribly old I recently fished it out again. I believe it was from a heap of scarves in tk maxx !!
My white shirt is that H&M one I ripped up, I've told you about that already though.
I have a plain and very handy grey top from the one and only Primani paired with the obv choice, my bf jeans!
Then I have those rotten ZARA sandal that I'm yet to update with a pair of winter boots (I'll see to that when I'm back in the UK and the chilling whether).
To finish it off, I've worn my tassle tastic cowboy, over the shoulder Mischa Barton bag from house of frasier on sale for £25 squid! Down from a ridiculous price but I can't remember the exact figure!

Anyway enjoy! Don't steal my pics and stay tuned for my egypt shopping haul soon!

Til next time.. Keep it Covered ! 



  1. ...bags gorgeouss...wish i could pull off bf look fab x x x

  2. Love the new look of the blog! And I need to try bf jeans too! I always feel like they'll looks silly on me..

  3. fab fab fab!! super love your style

  4. Fabbiii :D

    Sal <3

  5. LOVE the scarf & bag <3

  6. loveeee the bag
    and as usual you rock the outfit

  7. I must say Dina, I love the aztec rug! :D And your outfit of course ;)