Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stripes on Stripes!

Here are some piccies from my latest bideo ootd!

I know look at the size of my scarf in that last pic? I wish I had wind like that on my shoots! lol
anyway here's the bideo incase you didn't catch it on you tube!
 Til next time.. Keep it Covered! 


  1. saw the video in Facebook and now the pictures here. :D
    Like your like mine ;)

    Much love <3

  2. Like the last photo! :) so cute!

  3. Great love the Hijab! <3

    please feel free to visit me :)

  4. I love your ring!!!

  5. I love the different coloured nails, and I really want a yellow/lime green bag! I saw a Hermes one on Kim Kardashian and wanted 1 ever since! <3

  6. Hey i love your hijab syles and how you rock hijabs i was wondering if you knew websites to purchase hijabs like yours and i need makeup tips what do you use on your face?

  7. You should disable the right click if you're having trouble with people stealing your pics, i know how annoying that can get!

    Love the outfit! those bf jeans are just amazing!