Friday, 22 July 2011


 Ok so you should all have seen my video review for Aliya at PRINCESS ROCKZ by now.. If you for some reason still haven't seen it then here's the link down below..

Here's a couple of snaps of me wearing the gorgeous hijabs I was sent !

So this was the pink burst hijab! a gorgeous floral print and lovely light n flowy material perfect for the summer! to get yours then visit ..
Here ladies we have the ripple effect ice blue hijab paired with the embellished white hijab! I felt the white one was too small to wear alone so I'm showing you guys what to do in that situation.. just wear two thin scarves together.. to get either of these hijabs then visit..
Next we have the 'cream sheen tassle' hijab! I personally love these colours combines, such a classical look! Not to mention the tassles are ridiculously 'in' right now.. to get yours then visit..
Here we have the 'vintage red' hijab and the sequin gold bow! This is my fave hijab as it drapes so beautifully!
As you can see I'm really sporting the bow tie look with the bow accessorie! I beg you all to try it and post pics on my page to show me! p.s. again if you want either this hijab or bow then take a visit to..

I hope you all enjoyed watching the review with the link I provided above and I hope you enjoyed the piccies! I have to recommend PRINCESS ROCKS as the choice and quality are superb, the website I have provided under each picture is the website where you can order any of these yummy scarves! 

Also subscribe to Alias youtube if you like watching genuine, sweet and down to earth hijabi gurus!

Don't forget to 'LIKE' PRINCESS ROCKZ face book fan page either for more gorgeous pieces be, be sure to get there quick to choose what hijab you'll be wearing this EID !

P.s. don't forget to watch my you tube review.. here's the link again for all you lazy bloggers who can't be assed scrolling up..

Enjoooy and til next time.. Keep it Covered !



  1. the pink burst hijab looks so good on you! mashallah you look gorgeous :)

  2. gah, If only I can wear my hijab like this.... super pretty sis! xx

  3. Very nice post. I was thinking of getting the jilbab that you purchased from islamic design house, so i was wondering what size did you get??

    Thank You