Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Outfit of the day!

I haven't posted a random OOTD in aages so here's me doing that. You all know I came back from a grandmother visit to Bude recently. Every time we go, it's kinda like tradition that towards the end of the visit we rummage through her clothes and see if there's anything we can bag ! LOL

 I managed to get myself an oversized boyfriend blazer and a neon lime bag!! Oh yess.. it was hard work getting that bag though, took alot of persuading and in the end I swapped it for my topshop Batwing MAC ! Totally worth it I say, I was getting bored of that MAC anyway lol.

Heres' a couple piccies!

Hijab _ street stall
Stripey top_primark
boyfriend blazer_G'motha
Neon bag_G'motha
accessories_new look

P.s. stay tuned for another post full of piccies in bude! And I'll soon be doing a review for Princess Rocks, the online boutique by youtube hijabi guru star alz786uk!

Til next time...

well ..  You know it!   x


  1. super cute outfit!! :) I love how the neon green and white go together

  2. love your outfit..and that bag is so cute : )

  3. i heart ur neon lime!!! the contrast looks great with white n stripes.. stripes on my eyes ^^,

  4. looove the neon mashaAllah!

  5. I want that bag *-* hehe . Great outfit Dina :)

  6. Love the neon bag! Great outfit. :)

  7. i love the bag!!!a nice change from whats out now .xxxx

  8. i love the bag color :) nice outfit.

  9. hii dinatokio i've just discovered your blog , and i love this picture .this is verry natural , colours and clothes !
    i have a blog : style and ability
    and i hope you will visit it