Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hey Bunnies! I don't know if any of you have heard of 'MY TRENDY HIJAB' business.. there's a fanpage on facebook, heres the link href="http://http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Trendy-Hijab/116506475079709">
Basically Abeer (the owner) is doing a competition Give away woohoo!!! There are three different categories soooo here they are:

1. Post a pic of you attempting one her own hijab tutorial styles.
2. Post a pic of your own hijab style
3. Post a full pic of an entire outfit.

So far I've entered two, the last two and the winner is chosen by the most number of 'likes' on the pic! I'd really appreciate it if ya'll 'LIKED' me hehehe :)

Oh and also don't forget to 'like' My Trendy Hijab fanpage and enter yourselves for the chance to win your chosen hijab from online the store!(I would put a link up, I think I already have at the beginning of this post but to be honest I'm not really sure how :s beginner remember lol).
Here's my entry for competition three, The whole outfit pic! Me in a tribal print maxi skirt from primark! my usual big fat hijab style, red scarf from tie rack! A lovely cropped denim jacket from mango! And my cutesy little french bulldog necklace by Betsey Johnson EEEEEEK!
 Here's my pic I entered for competition two. Me posing in one of my own Loopy scarfs!
Oh and this last picture is another pose, not really clear but hopefully you can see I wrapped my hijab a little differently, more of a draped and covering look. Simply achieved by wrapping a long and very wide pashmina around your head once and then around your neck, instead of the usual wrapping over your head twice! Enjooooy! x


  1. Ooooh wow I totally LOVE your denim jacket from mango, Must get me one of those!
    Im loving your tribal look. It looks great! =] x

    See Me: http://sheila-aktar.blogspot.com/

  2. yay! i got it a year ago sooo not sure if its still there but they have them everywhere now!
    I jus followed ya woo! x

  3. You're so nasty-ly cuteeeee!!!!! Love it and the pics! <3

  4. I'm your Follower and already Liked your pics on fb... feel like I'm your stalker...lol

    LOVE your styles :)

  5. hey dina! love the way you do your scarf! your an amazing person to look up to because you follow your dreams, and you look good whilst doing it ha ha :D

    && I "voted" for you xx

    follow? xx

  6. Many thankxx to my beautifulll Dina..I cant wait to c the results..love u girl <3

  7. wooohoooo!! thanx yazmin and abir!!!! mwah xxxx

  8. I'm guessing the competition is over, huh :(. I love you scarves btw! they rock!