Friday, 25 March 2011

Anything and Everything.

I feel like sharing some random things with you guys, because I just ate and am too full to do anything but type at the moment.
Last Summer I was in Egypt for the holiday. I learned that my cousins pronounced the word LEOPARD as LE-YO-BARD. It was crazy hilarious at the time, and ever since I've been calling it 'leyobard' myself, just for laughs. Ha Ha.
Anyway as it seems relevant, here's a pic of how I've worn my 'leyobard' print before!
As you can see, I've literally matched it with anything, you know cuz I'm into funky looks. I think it worked!
Last night I couldn't sleep for hours, so I had a lil make-up and photo fun, on my lonesome, just me and BB lol. Of course these next pics you'll see will, naturally, be of me posing my head off. I WAS trying to tire myself out so I could sleep, so you really can't blame me. Ha Ha.

To the left, to the left..
No, No man, to the right innit. lol

Check out this picture.. what I got my inspiration from! 
OH MY GOSH how I adore the heart beauty spot !

Here's a few more random posy pics, with some new effects I've tried on them! 
makes me look older but I love the look! Could be used for a fancy dress partaaay haha, not likely any of us would be going to one though.


  1. you are gorgeous and so talented masha' love love!

  2. I love it! I also like the heart beauty mark also!

  3. I love the pics!!! You are so creative. I love how you mix and match prints <3

  4. the last picture is very frida kahlo..