Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Recently all i've been doing is splashing the pennies at charity shops on bargains i come across!
I've decided to volunteer at my local shop 'the samaritans' in willesden green on a wednesday morning and pimp out their window for them! Here's how it went this week!
It can be hard to dress a window in style when you dont have all the trends on a plate for you, but one thinf i love doing is hunting out gems and putting them together! Do come and visit i'll be there every wednesday morning and you're sure to find something that isn't going to damage your wallet!


  1. Salaams Dina..
    Ooh I used to volunteer too! but in British Heart Foundation :D
    You did well with the window it looks awesome <3

    Love Nourah xo

  2. Really cool window, well done.

    XO Arezu

  3. I love how you made the mannequin a hijabi ;)
    Gorgeous display, good job! xxx

  4. pleeeease tell me the gorgeous bag,denim shirt and scarf round the teddy are still there ?
    but mainly the bag :D
    i would actually make the trip if it's still there :)