Monday, 17 September 2012



BELLA RUE, The 'home of luxury beauty and

fashion sales voted for by you. Up to 70% off'

I recently signed up to this website, had a good old browse and found designer gear, beauty products and gorgeous jewellery collections available!
So, how does it work?

Once you sign up, (which takes a matter of seconds) You'll be sent 6 luxury fashion and beauty goodies to your email/facebook/twitter per week.
If you fancy any of the 6 items then what you have to do is VOTE for the ones you want most in their weekly FLASH SALE!!

1st place voted item gets 70% off!
2nd place voted item gets up to 50% off!
3rd place item gets up to 30% off!

It's a win win situation, even if your favourite item wasn't voted enough times to be in the flash sale's they hold regularly, at least something you have your eye on will be part of it!

Bargains galore I say!

Any way, find out what I got from them this week, when I make a new bideo for you guys, with just a little more detail yo.



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  1. Can not wait for you video. Would love to know what you have got.