Saturday, 21 July 2012

Camden and tweed teehee .

Camden vests are hot, end of.
Lovely chanel fragrance vest sporting a dash of lime green!
My fav as per usual.. Wore this out to nandos for iftar today.
Tweed jacket chanel inspired by a boutique in jakarta called 'treimee' ..
And scarf is from of course

Enjoy and til next time..

Keep it covered!

P.s. Still have a part 2 to my jakarta vlog! Xo


  1. That is one interesting shirt. Rocking outfit, as always =)

  2. i lurve your scarf! where u buy at?:)

  3. I love those vests. Can't seem to find anything like it since moving up north :(

  4. lovey as always....dinaaaa i love ur nose :P

  5. Just went Camden last week, and am wishing I had bought one of those vests now *__*
    You look AMAZING m'A!! Where is your skirt from, I've been looking for one like thatfor a looong time xD

  6. Thank you so much Dina for wearing and loving the pink tweed jacket from us..see you again next time in Jakarta or in UK hehe xoxo

    anyway if you dont mind, would you please to watch Treimee debut fashion campaign on youtube..?
    here is the link >> Treimee Debut Fashion Campaign - Love at first sight >>

    thank you and happy fasting

    twitter : @treimee

  7. Please do summer tips and outfit ideas for hijabis! X

  8. gorgeous outfit, Dina! love the shirt :)