Saturday, 19 May 2012

Got the Menswear on!

Vest top and jeans menswear from primark!

Leather jacket from vera moda and wedges also primark. Bag is ivanka trump from tkmaxx and my watch is michael kors!



  1. very very lovely, I needed a modest combination with a short leather jacket !!! love it <3



  2. :o We're in love with this outfit !
    You look great !
    So, we like your blog, an' it would be so nice to visit our, and tell us what do you think about !

    Afaf & Marwa

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  4. Hey just to let you & all the other sisters to know is that it is HARAAM for girls to wear Mens clothing-Just like how it is HARAAM for men to wear Girl clothing e.g SKIRT.
    So as i was saying Dina you have to be more careful, instead of claiming your are an Islamic website and then causing other vulnerable girls to copy you and the earn THEMSELVES and YOU alot of SINS!

    P.S- This is not a hate mail,I'm just doing my duty and I hope you consider what I have quoted.THANK YOU

    1. manya. it is only a piece of clothing addressed as "for males" or "for women".. all in all, it is just a fabric you wrap around your body. and mind u, she is dressing very modest and hijabi.. may Allah bless her and please stop making your own islam. Salam, peace be upon you x

  5. I wonder if Manya seen the clothing wore by Adam and eve or if Manya had a conversation with Allah..and Allah told her to pin point and humiliate Dina for doing what she is doing !

    Are you that sure what is right and what. is wrong?
    Dina is covered competely....

    our elder and am sure yours have taught us...if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all

  6. nice ring! I love the baggy feel this outfit has!



  7. @ Manya "it is HARAAM for girls to wear Mens clothing-" lmao that made me chuckle hehe. That's funny really..anyways love the tshirt Dina, + you're gorgeous. Always a pleasure watching your vids! With love from Canada! xx

  8. As-Salamu Alaykum

    love your outfit...can't wait to see your upcoming outfits

    **oh yea: any guy who wears jeans that skinny and tight should not be consider a man :)

  9. Are the Primark black wedges still available? Ive been looking for them everywhere :(