Friday, 9 March 2012

J-LO Look for less!

Here's this weeks look for less blog!
Wasn't really feeling this on me although Jen looked boootiful of course.
I feel like my trousers needed to be a silkier fabric and maybe more of a cream white rather than BRIGHT WHITE. As for my jacket.. well that was hopeless and now looking back I would have chosen a snug mustard cardigan unless of course I could have found a snug coat like J-lo's.
Here is she is looking flawless..

And here I am .. attempting to .. lol

So my flares are high waist.. but I just felt uncomfortable in the end showing that whole area so I pulled my black tee down a little..

My scarf is from LAZY DOLL
Jacket is a bargain I picked up in Egypt,
Black tee is primark,
Trousers are from G.A.P for £14.99
and the little heels are also primark.
Finally the ring is also from primark!

The clutch is primark, originally it's plain black but I cut a piece of material off my leopard scarf and sewed it onto the flap of the clutch to imitate slightly the one J-lo is using.

This week I managed not to go out and buy anything.. instead I used what I already had at home and in my wardrobe!

Anyway ladies I hope that has been of some use to some of you.. and to those who are in the same mind as me and totally hate it then.. tell me about it!
Don't forget to suggest next weeks look and til next time..

Keep It Covered



  1. I don't hate it ! it just looks a little more grown up ! ;)

    xx shay

  2. still think you look fab!and its so creative that u sewed on a lil bit of fabric on the clutch :) btw did you go out in it?x

  3. I like the coat, it's so nice!