Friday, 24 February 2012

Celeb Look For Less - GOSSIP GIRL!

So this weeks look for less is Blake Lively's bright blue cropped pants and superwoman crazy pads blazer,
check her out below, looking bladdy gorgeous,

I absolutely LOVE this look so of course needed to take on the challenge.
Of course I couldn't find a blazer anywhere near as amaze as the one she's wearing but I managed to find a hold cropped jumper from good old h&m! Priced at £9.99 you can't really go wrong. I may even cut it up into a short jacket when I get some spare time, cuz why not eh?

To achieve that POWER PAD shoulder look, I used some great shoulder pads I got from ebay a while ago and just placed them on my shoulders and pinned!

Instead of wearing trousers I opted for a very long plain simple maxi dress underneath and then just any nude heels to finalise. Feel free to go wild with your choice of heel colour though!

Oh and don't forget to watch the bideo on it!

So til next time ladies..

Keep It Covered!



  1. I am in LOOOOOOVE with this outfit!!

  2. Mashallah you make it look so effortless! I know for a fact that if I tried to pull this off, it just wouldnt look as good lol...bas jazakAllah kheir for the inspiration :)

  3. Dina!! I love this!! So clever and fashionable..i might try this as well as i already have a blue skirt...and oh i'm so in love with your gold tops <3 <3

  4. awwwesome match. the colors are stunning !

  5. I love everything about this outfit! You really know how to dress!

  6. I really adore this outfit, it's so stunnig! I especially love the colour of the dress!

  7. adorable, especially the maxidress, I fell in lovewith it !! :) stunning



  8. Gold jacket is available on asos:

  9. Wow, the cobalt blue and gold really compliment one another xxx

  10. Wow mashallah sis, you look so stunning! I love the jumper so much, I will definitely be heading off to H&M very soon to pick one up! You have such a friendly personality, you give off such a positive message and you are probably one of the prettiest people I've seen!
    You are honestly an inspiration to me, you never struggle to be fashionable and modest at the same time. At my muslim assembly, I am doing a presentation on modest fashion, and I am mentioning your incredible blog in my presentation.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration <3