Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wahat Al Jalabiya review & $10 dollars off!

You all know I was sent a gorgeous Jilbab courtesy of Wahat Al jalabiya.. check out the website
Here are the piccies of my one. Enjoy and remember don't steal my photos!

Now here are my favourite jalabiyas that you can find on their website!!
 You can also get $10 off your next order by using the coupon code 'dinatork' at the checkout! For a limited time only so make sure to get your orders in before Eid!

Remember to LIKE their facebook page for more pics, competitions and more!

If you'd like to place an order then head over to and don't forget the coupon code!

Keep it Covered ladies <3



  1. I LOVE it!
    Looking at something similar i wouldn't think the material would look good!
    Bas Mashallah looking stunning Sugar!

  2. It's Lovely (:

  3. MashaAllah u look really pretty and lovin the jalabiya its really cute :)

  4. love it so much ..
    the third one is amazing


  5. Asalamu alaikum Dina! I dont now if I can get in touch with u using ur blog but InshAllah. Im from Brazil and I really admire your ideas about design so, when u have sometime I would like you to read the post I put in my blog. Its the last one. Hope this message find u happy =)

    Ma Salaama