Friday, 27 May 2011

Chiffon Maxis - summer fav x

Helloo everbody! I haven't done a post in super yonks, so here's something quick!

I LOVE CHIFFON MAXI SKIRTS RIGHT ABOUT NOW! lol - I completely fell in love with them, after seeing this picture of nicola from girls a loud waaaaay ages ago.
I love how she's paired hers with a cute tee! 
Anyway now they're absolutely everywhere and pretty much suit all occasions! from evenings out, beaches, festivals .. the list goes on! Making sure you pair one of these with the appropriate clothing means you can pretty much wear them anywhere!

So here's how I wore mine! p.s. it's from primark (primani) only £12 yipppeeee! I knw it's supposed to be high waisted- but i figured it probably would be too short- so I bought 2 sizes too big so I could pull it down and make sure it came floor length!!

Obviously - you all know I'm so into white blazers so HELLO of course that's what I paired my maxi with!!

Until next time TOOODLE LOOO! x


  1. Diiinaa you are only amazing, no description need, i suppose u already know that too ;)

    I love your style and the colours you choose

  2. Ohhhhh I loove the blue chiffon maxi skirt! I want to get a pleated one like this:

    I already have the Rare taupe colored one and looove it. You can see the skirts here too:

  3. your style is Amazing! love it!