Monday, 21 March 2011

Outfit of the day!

Hey guys! So today wasn't a very productive day, I got up, went on the stepper for 40 minutes and then went to work!

Just wanted to share with you what I wore, lately I've been really into tribal/Aztec prints, and just matching anything with anything!

Some people might think it looks confused but I love it! Good way to stand out from the crowd!

The sweater is from Forever 21! YES we do have one store in the UK.. Birmingham Bullring shopping centre.. 3 floors and a complete dream! lol..

Okay so I'm sporting white nails at the mo, yes sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my fingers, I do for a second think I've accidentally dipped them into tippex. But Hey at least it brings out the tan in my hands haha :)

I'm not a fan of Lady Ga Ga but I must admit her MAC lipstick its pretty hot. Thats me holding it up and wearing it in the middle picture btw lol :) A nice neutral colour with a light tint of baby pink.

Just check out these gorgeous traditional African and Afghani tribal belts. So hot for this years S/S11 collections all over the catwalks..  Just a hint of what influences I may be using for my next Design!


  1. I love your look, and a bigger photo would be awesome.
    Tribal prints are really great, and I love nude lipstick right now!

  2. I would make the photo larger if i knew how bahahahahahaha NEWBIEEE ALERT

  3. P.S. any idea how change text colour? CRINGE lol

  4. Love it!
    And for the font color- click on the 'Design' tab. In the upper right just below, click on 'Template Designer.' There you can adjust colors and what not under 'Advanced' in the upper left menu :)

  5. love it!!!!
    to make the image bigger just right on it and u can change the size!!! hope that helps also to change the text press on the big A button the top bar n choose ur colour!!!

  6. wooohooo!!! thanx guys!! ok i still cnt figure out the image haha bt dw i'll think abt on my next post bagaga!

  7. personally i think its great! its nice and small doesnt take up much room and u can exercise in the comfort of your ownn home!! and also yes it burns the calories.. its cardio so it works everything!

  8. Wicked, where did you buy yours from?