Monday, 21 March 2011

21ST March 2011

Welcome to my first blog post! Okay so I just set this up today and don't really know what I'm doing, but it's all good I'll get the hang of it inshAllah! Any help would be greatly appreciated LOL.

Okay so reasons why I fancy starting my own blog:

1. My Facebook page isn't personal enough and I cant really let you guys know EVERYTHING thats going on because it just doesn't let me ramble as much as I  feel like rambling!

2. Sometimes, when I'm in work, or at home bored (taking a break from designing) I start thinking.. A LOT.. So I figured I may as well start typing it all up.

3. I think this is a great way for me to express my ideas and also share some behind the scenes of DINA TOKI-O on a more personal page. Like I said, my Facebook page just feels a little more straightforward and you could say more professional than this!

4. Finally I'm doing this for fun! It's great using the internet for inspiration and a way to meet other lovely muslimahs!

Okay I can't think of anything else. Howdy!


  1. nice blog, would you visit my blog and follow my blog,thanks.. :)

  2. Salam Sister,
    I love ur fashion, I love ur FB page and now I'm ur 13th follower - Yippie Yeayyy :)))
    I would appreciate it, if u follow me inshaallah!

    Wa Salam,
    Nad from Germany

  3. I'm SO glad you started a much easier to stalk you now. Kidding!
    I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!

  4. haha hey nad i jus followed urs now!! and haute muslimah im about to follow yours!! i never realised how many bloggers there were!! so juicy!!! i'll be posting late night tonight haha isa <3

  5. Dinaaaa! I'm so proud of you! You got it together, girl! Lemme know if you need any help, I'll walk yo through like I did with gchat, bagaga! Tell me how it feels! And, i am soo gonna start following you! <3

  6. P.S. Ive been going crazy being excited ever since you tweeted back saying you started the blog! Ah, we were just talking about it the other day! I really hope you the very best, i know you'll knock em dead (not literally) "bagaga"

  7. Salam Dina!! welcomes to the blogging community! trust me it gets addictive! :D

    i'm well excited that you got a blog, hehe
    && I've defo followed you! :D

    Good luck for the future! x

  8. hehe i know im addicted already but stuck in work!! haha, hey how do i cnage the colour of my font?? bagagagaga and put a link to my twitter? any1? LOL X

  9. Had I known you had responded back -- I would've answered earlier. It's a little more complex, just holla on twitter whenever you are on, and ill get on hotmail or gchat to tell you <3 bagaga! :D

  10. hiyaaaa lol!! omg and my times on here are so messed up!!! haha I dont know how you write so much my hands are acheing and my posts are only a paragraph long bagagaga

  11. bagagaha! You were still online?! Girl, just comment on my blog and ill know if you are still online, then we'll chat, lol. This is too much drama! bagaga, jk.

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  13. hi dina! do u know how much i love u and ur hijab styles! they are so pretty!!! im like ur no.1 fan!!!!!